Getting your provisional license

Before driving on a public road, you will need a valid Provisional Driving Licence.
The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) application form (Form D1) can be obtained from your local Post Office but you can also apply online from the 'Direct Gov' website

You can apply for your first British provisional driving licence online if you:

  • Are a resident of Great Britain
  • Can meet the minimum age requirement
  • Can meet the minimum eyesight requirement
  • Are currently not prevented from driving for any reason
  • Can pay by Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Electron, Delta or Solo debit or credit card
  • Have a valid UK passport or another form of identity
  • Can provide addresses of where you have lived over the last three years

The Theory Test

Once you have received your provisional licence, you can start taking lessons but you also need to think about taking the theory test.
The theory test is is made up of two sections : a multiple choice and a hazard perception.
Both of these need to be passed in order for you to get your theory test pass certificate. Once passed, we can then book your Intensive Driving course.
You can get information on the theory test from the Direct Gov website

You can also book the theory test online from the booking section on the same site.

The Practical Test

As soon as you make your booking with us and we have your theory certificate details, we can then apply for your practical driving test to coincide with the last day of your course. The timescale for bookings can vary one month to the next depending on the number of other learners applying around the same time.

Changes to the practical test

October 2010 sees the introduction of a new 'independent driving' section of the practical test. During this section, you will be asked to follow signs to a particular location to see how well you deal with driving without direction from the examiner.

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More information can be found on the official site.